They say longboarding is like snowboarding

( Well, they probably haven’t been falling much )

A while ago I had the opportunity to try out a couple of longboards. You know a longboard is like a skateboard, only longer. It feels a lot different than a skateboard though. A skateboard is quite twitchy and requires pretty good focus. There is not a lot of room for error on a skateboard. A longboard is more relaxed. I personally do not like to stand on a skateboard at all, I just know it’s going to throw me off at an unpredictable point in space and time. But I did like the feel of a longboard very much. I also noticed it was quite a workout for my feet and knees.

So I do what I always do when I get interested in something that’s not too expensive : consume !

That’s’ right, I got myself a nice budget longboard.

it’s long, it’s a board

And off I went riding it. Around the house a bit. A parking lot here, a basketball court there, the street. As long as it has a relatively smooth surface it can be ridden.

Today I tried to do the toeside pushup-slide. It’s supposed to be the simplest slide in longboarding. My main reason for learning this, is to have a way to stop. So I am not yet interested in a fancy 180 slide, or whatever variation this trick has to offer, I just need a way for my wheels to come to a complete stop as soon as possible.
The good news is that my protective gear was completely undamaged.
And that I did manage to pull off something where my wheels were sliding orthogonally to the natural longboard direction, for a short while.
Now excuse me, as I am going to ice my hip some more.


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So long, and thanks for all the phish

Oh so very recently I acquired an iPhone 3GS. My better half had gotten one for her 10th year working at her company – now that is what I call a gift – and as soon as I touched it, I was convinced. Convinced that I held the future of consumer computing. The iPhone can only be bought simlock-free in Belgium, which makes it too expensive for sure. But it’s also too cool, so you can see the dilemma I faced.

It’s almost two months since I got mine – the 16GB version – and I can most surely testify that our laptop is seldom used anymore. Mail, feeds, Facebook, browsing, reading ( Kindle for iPhone, best app ever ), music, maps, routes, text messages, photo’s, phone (duh) … it’s all right there in the palm of my hand. The only glaring omission is a banking app. That’s the main reason the laptop is still awoken from its sleep these days.

Using an iPhone is very different from using mouse and keyboard. It’s a much smoother experience. What I do have to say though, is that an iPhone generally does not lend itself to textual content creation. For example, while I used to think about blogging actively, because the laptop was always on anyway, I now discard most ideas because it would require booting the laptop.
This is not completely the iPhone’s fault however, although it has a very small keyboard, it’s just that the management interface of this blog is not adjusted to mobile devices.

Well anyway, most people don’t really get it that I seldom use the laptop anymore. Just as I wouldn’t have when someone would have told me this up-front.

Oh yeah, one last point, there is no need for any fear of malicious websites anymore. The evil codes have no idea what to do when faced with the iPhone platform.

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Somewhere in K-Lo

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there are times to be bill,
there are times to be steve,
there are times to be i
there are times to be my
and sometimes you just gotta say : why?

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