Try to be an alien

January 7, 2006 at 10:05 pm Leave a comment

A good way to think about our behaviour and the way people interact in this world, is to pretend you are an alien, visiting our planet for the first time. So, you’re actually more or less human – because it’s pretty hard to imagine you’re a Klingon, Vulcan or a more exotic space dweller – but you’re not familiar with Earth.

For instance, to come back to a previous post about the animals , imagine you are an alien witnessing our interaction with animals.
You see a facility whose sole purpose is to convert a continous stream of animals into meat, by killing and cutting them. On the other hand, there is a facility whose purpose is to heal animals that are ill, mostly just one instance of a species at a time, and sometimes these instances are of the same species as the ones that are being killed in the other facility.
So surely the owners of these two facilities must have very different opinions about animals, no ? I mean the killing owner must hate animals very much, and the healing owner must have a lot of respect for them, surely. But you, the alien, will find out, after doing some more research, that these owners are not very different people at all. It’s just that some species are lucky, and others, well, not.


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