Dude, where’s my bikes?

April 19, 2007 at 7:06 pm 1 comment

I did quite some mountainbiking a couple of years ago. Then, while riding a slippery trail in the french Alps, I fell, not hard at all, I was actually upright after my bike had fallen, but then I just slipped and put my hand in a wrong position. Result : broken middle finger. Holiday more or less finished for me.

After that holiday, I didn’t touch my mountain bike anymore. It just stood there in the garage, still with the original french alps dirt attached to it. The chain also had to be replaced because it broke a couple of times while in France, and because of all the trail side tinkering and fixing, it was now too short to give the full range of motion for the derailers.

Over the course of the years, the bike became even less trail worthy, because I cannibalised it for parts. The seat quick release and seat itself were put on other bikes.

In the meantime, I also got a little into BMX. Mainly because it took a lot less time to get ready for riding some BMX than it took for a mountain biking trip, but also to sharpen my overall bike skills, which kind of sucked. And indeed, riding my BMX did provide me with some long wanted skills, like bunny-hopping, but there was an issue which made me quit the BMX ( for now at least ). I kind of suck at BMX. Well, not just kind of, I really suck. Time has robbed me of some physical explosiveness, and more importantly it made me aware of the fact that I am not immortal. A thought that doesn’t quite set in until you reach your thirties. And the combination of not being immortal, and progressing in BMX is not a good one. And as our family expanded, there was less and less time to do something about my BMX sucking. When your ride frequency gets below twice a week, progression grinds to a halt. Even my snail-paced progression. And when progression halts, fun halts. So now the BMX is sitting in the garage.

Which brings me back to my mountain bike. I was getting really annoyed at that 90 percent of a bike just taking up space in my garage. So it was either selling it, or fixing it up. And selling it was not an option. Dude, it’s one of my bikes we’re talking about here, I’m not going to just sell it.
So the fixing up plan came to bear.

I needed :

  • a chain
  • a seat tube quick release
  • a seat

So, last weekend, I bought all that stuff, and started Project Phoenix : the rebirth of my beloved mountain bike.

Sunday, I cleaned it thourougly and the seat and seat-tube quick release were reinstalled. Today I finally put the chain on. This did not go without a hitch as I managed to screw up the chain routing. The real derailer was upside-down when I routed the chain, and as such, I did not strike me as odd that a certain part of the derailer was at the wrong side of my chain. The really weird part is that I thouroughly checked this before proceeding, because my bike repair manual said to check it thouroughly. Well, there’s real thourough, and arrive-home-tired-from-work thourough. So I trashed some links, and then remembered that I had a secret chain weapon : the Sachs Power Link. So the bike got fixed and below I will treat you to some pictures of my bikes.

My mountain bike : a full suspension Kona Stinky ( year : 2000 ) with RaceFace chain rings, RaceFace North Shore XS cranks, Azonic 75mm stem, Easton Flatboy pedals and Avid cable disc brake at the front.


My BMX : a Flybikes Sergio Layos frame with Primo Powerbite Cranks and Alex rims : 32 spoke black front and 48 spoke chrome back.


My Kona Kaboom. A single speed mountain monster. With 24 cycles Butterfly pedals, RaceFace stem and DMR saddle.


My commuter bike. The true workhorse. No special parts, but has got NC-17 platform pedals.



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