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April 22, 2007 at 7:30 pm Leave a comment

Today I took my BMX with me to Genk, where the family comes together every other sunday.
Since the little potatoes can play by themselves now, there is more time for the parents to do stuff. Which is good because I am one of the parents.
So the BMX it was. I was fooling around with it, and decided that I was going to focus my attention on the bunny-hop.
The terrain was grass, which I think is an excellent type of surface to get more confidence on a bmx. And if the grass is somewhat smooth, you can do all the
tricks you want. You will ride slower of course, but for me that’s an advantage since I ride without brakes.

For your bemusement, I have posted a video of a bunnyhop below. I was quite surprised that my meager bunny-hop skills kind of survived the long drought.
When you look at the video, you will wonder what the fuss is all about. It looks dead easy. Well, I can assure you, for me the sensation while doing it was quite different.
To me, this hop felt like 2 meters high and I had to put quite some energy into it. However, with the bunny-hop, the better you are at it, the less energy you waste.
And I’m still excerting a monstruous amount of energy for just a little hop. Btw, I’m jumping over a little bucket I borrowed from the kids.


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