Riding again

April 22, 2007 at 12:50 am Leave a comment

Today I went riding again with my mountain bike. Not mountain biking, just a relaxed ride, mainly on street, with some forest thrown in for good measure. The reason I was taking it easy was threefold :

  1. My skills are still somewhere between frozen stiff and scared shitless. ( Not sure what that means, but I can’t explain it better. )
  2. My bike is still in testing phase. Quality control. Basically I want to see if nothing falls off while doing clunky stuff. ( And right now, everything I do is clunky. At best. )
  3. No protective gear, since I wasn’t really planning on going all out.

Some things I noticed while riding :

  • My suspension is softer than it used to be. And the sound it makes while riding is also different. It used to be a high pitched clang, and now it’s a low pitched thunk. This could be because I am heavier than before. Or maybe because standing still all these years didn’t do the parts any good. But it’ll have to do, since the budget for Project Phoenix is completely consumed.
  • My physical condition is not what it used to be, but it’s not as bad as I assumed either. The longer I kept riding, the better it got, and the more I got into my old riding rhythm.
  • I should ride more. More is better. Less is worse.

I also checked out some mountain biking movies. Back in the days ( aaah, the days ) I was into those video’s big-time. I enjoyed the extreme riding, like Kranked and New World Disorder, but also the more relaxed lo-fi settings of North Shore Extreme, with its quaint lo-fi Canadian rock soundtrack. Mind you, the stuff in North Shore Extreme is still pretty extreme by anyone’s standards. These days ( awch, these days ) the mountain bike video’s are off the charts. With the older video’s I used to be able to imagine that if I were born in Canada, and rode my MTB every day, I could perhaps, one day, do one of the things shown in one of those video’s. With the current video’s, I can only imagine that if I were born in Canada, and rode my MTB every day, I would rather be caught dead, than do even the slightest hint of a nuance of an implication of a trick those bikers are doing now. I mean, no longer is it sufficient to drop 4 meters, you now have to do a 360, crankflip or tailwhip, while on your way down. That is sick ! And sick as in all the meanings sick can have.

While I am resurrecting my shady MTB bike skills, I have convinced myself that I should try, once again, to gain mastership of the BMX tricks bunny-hop, bunny-hop 180 and manual. These are in fact the only tricks which I am really interested in. If I mastered them all, I wouldn’t do anything else ever again. Trickwise that is. No more barspins or half-assed ramp 180’s. Just manuals, bunny hops and bunny-hop 180’s. I can do a bunny-hop, although not very high. I can also peform a bunny-hop 180 if I am standing still, which is not much use when your aim is to RIDE a bike. And then the manual, the weirdest trick ever. If bunny-hopping is like riding a bike, in the sense that once you get it, you get it, doing a manual is like doing a manual : there’s nothing like it. The only thing you can do is practice, practice, practice and then hope that your body is aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

Ok, I understand it’s late, I’ll leave you for now. Thanks for joining and see you next time.


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