Luck is part of it

April 28, 2007 at 8:53 pm 1 comment

Yesterday, friday, I rode my Stinky to work once again. But before I got on, I remembered that I had to check the front wheel quick release because it was pointing forward instead of backward. And to those not into mountain biking, a quick release pointing forward is not good. Not good at all since it can catch on tree branch or bush and flip open.

As I was looking at the quick release, something struck me : it was no longer pointing forward. Now there are two this could have happened :

  1. Bicycle repair man visited my garage overnight
  2. It already snagged a branch and got flicked into the open position

Since bicycle repair man is a fictional character, invented by Monthy Python, it was indeed option nr.2.
And not only was the quick release open, it had already spun several times and my wheel was about to come off.

Funny enough, while I was going mach 3 down a steep road section the day before, I was thinking to myself :”Did I lock the quick release decently, because the last thing that needs to happen now is the wheel coming off.”

Damn, that would have been typical me, going flat on my face because of something like that on a flat piece of road. I have had some stupid stuff happening to me while biking and doing other sports, that I think my girlfriend would have left me if I had fallen there.

In a future post I will tell you all about my share of bad luck doing the things I like. If I remember them all that is.


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