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June 21, 2007 at 12:04 pm Leave a comment

Hi there. You remember the last post? About the bike workshop event? If not then read it first.

Anyways, I didn’t ride that loan bike that much. I just rode it to and from the event. At the event itself I rode two other bikes : a Merida cross-country ( XC ) racer, don’t remember the exact type and a Kona 2006 Coiler Deluxe.

And I like that last one a lot. It’s a super bike that suits my body and riding-style – or lack of it – very well.
It’s a lot better than my current bike, although it’s hard to explain why exactly. Although I always thought that my Stinky was a tank-like mountain ripper, it feels like a tricycle compared to the Coiler. I haven’t ridden tricycle recently, so I don’t know how that feels compared to the Stinky.

Here’s an attempt at explaining why the Coiler is better :

  • it’s slightly heavier, so it feels more stable
  • it’s not just heavier, there’s more sprung weight, which means the suspension responds better
  • practically all the important parts are much better : fork, rear suspension, tires, wheels
  • the Coiler’s geometry is perfect

But even if you combine all these parts, there’s still no guarantee for a better bike, so the last part you need is a bit of magic : a design created by people who in the past made bikes that I feeled very comfortable on, and now have half a dozen more years of experience.

There’s only one huge drawback to this bike : it’s too expensive 😦


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