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July 26, 2007 at 7:18 pm 1 comment

This post is a sequel to this one, were I promised to give a summary of my mishaps while riding a bike or during other activities.

I’ll to give them in chronological order, although I may miss a couple here or there.
The template I’m going to use is : age in years ( approximately ), activity, mishap, result then, result now.

Here we go, from the very beginning :

  1. Cut up face
    • 6
    • bringing back borrowed egg to neighbour, while closing my eyes
    • veered off-course and walked into barbed wire
    • big cut on cheek. stitches needed but none applied.
    • big scar.
  2. Busted chin :
    • 8
    • riding my race-like bike
    • fell head first into the sidewalk pavement on my chin
    • pieces of flesh hanging from my chin. blood all over the place. stitches.
    • nice big scar, without hairgrowth.
  3. Busted knee :
    • 9
    • gym class
    • crashed my knee into the side of swedish bench
    • gaping hole in knee. stitches.
    • almost no visible scar anymore
  4. Busted knee
    • 10
    • riding bike no handed
    • hit a big pebble and went down hard into the pavement
    • flesh dangling from knee, lots of debris lodged in skin. stitches.
    • big scare on knee
  5. Broken front tooth
    • 10
    • playing in school during break
    • got smacked from behind on my back and fell face first into pavement
    • lost half a front tooth. artificial piece glued to remaining tooth
    • visible difference from artificial piece
  6. Cut up finger
    • 12
    • putting skis back on last day of school skiing trip
    • slipped on my ski boots and ski fell down on ring finger
    • finger was cut open, revealing bone. stitches needed but none applied
    • scar
  7. Chipped shin bone
    • 13
    • going full-tilt down a skip slope on last day of holiday in thick fog
    • had to avoid lift pylon and crashed
    • piece of shin bone became detached from main bone due to short flexing of shin bone. had to take it easy for 3 weeks.
    • no lasting damage
  8. Severly cut thumb
    • 14
    • playing around with a cutter knife
    • put lots of tension on something and then slipped, slicing open the top of my thumb knuckle
    • big cut revealing bone. lots of blood.
    • scar
  9. Cracked rib
    • 14
    • karate practice
    • swift kick from karate classmate into rib
    • cracked rib. had to take it easy for a couple of weeks
    • no lasting damage
  10. Busted ankle
    • 19
    • basketball practice
    • landed on other teammates foot while coming down from layup
    • severely twisted right ankle. cast applied for ten days.
    • hard to tell, but probably no lasting damage from that injury.
  11. Busted eyebrow
    • 20
    • basketball practice
    • got hit in eyebrow with elbow
    • gaping eyebrow wound. stitches.
    • scar just below eyebrow-line. practically invisible.
  12. Severely cut middle and ring finger
    • 21
    • trying to pry open a 9V battery without proper tools
    • slipped while building up tension and scraped my fingers along twisted pieces of battery metal
    • middle finger cut open revealing lots of bone. partially cut tendon. ring finger severely cut. stitches and splint for middle finger.
    • big scars on both fingers
  13. Busted meniscus
    • 22
    • basketball practice
    • partially torn meniscus finally gave up and tore in two halves.
    • two halves folded onto each other. knee motion blocked. arthroscopic surgery, meniscus removed.
    • hard to tell now. bone-on-bone contact results in arthritis at earlier than usual age.
  14. Cut up ankle
    • 23
    • showing off karate kick outside a party
    • tried to break roof tile, but instead it twisted around my ankle cutting up the flesh on the inner ankle.
    • big cut. lots of blood. stitches needed but none applied.
    • scar
  15. Torn achilles tendon
    • 27
    • basketball game. official competition.
    • left achilles tendon snapped causing me to fall
    • hampered motion in leg. immediate surgery needed to reattach tendon halves. cast applied for 6 weeks. 4 month grueling rehabilitation.
    • scarring. left achilles tendon twice as thick as right one.
  16. Broken right foot
    • 27
    • basketball game. playground.
    • got pushed by angry opposing player when coming down from layup. twisted ankle severely
    • huge swelling.very painful to walk on. broken bone near ankle joint. cast applied for 3 weeks. skipped rehab.
    • slightly swelling. reduced mobility and sensitivity in right foot.
  17. Cut up ankle
    • 28
    • mountain biking
    • fell over the bars while bike came up behind me and smacked into my ankle. ankle cut open by pedal.
    • big cut. lots of blood. stitches needed, but too late at doctor.
    • scar
  18. Torn up calf
    • 29
    • mountain biking
    • trying to jump over an obstacle but didn’t make it. slipped off pedal. pedal coming up from behind and cut up calf.
    • big cut. lots of blood. stitches applied.
    • scar
  19. Broken hand
    • 30
    • mountain biking in french alps
    • riding a slippery rock formation, my back wheel went and fell sideways. managed to end up standing, but then slipped again and while putting my hand down, a bone in middle finger cracked
    • very painful hand. doctor made a mold for protection but during the day I taped middle finger to ring finger and kept on biking at much slower pace.
    • due to over stressing hand while riding home, upper middle finger bone moved relative to lower because break was diagonal, resulting in shorter right middle finger
  20. Busted shin
    • 32
    • bmx
    • riding home from a session with shin protector removed screwed up a bunny hop
    • big cut in shin. stitches applied.
    • scar
  21. Busted shin
    • 34
    • bmx
    • picking up my bmx for fun, not wearing shin protector, tried bunny-hop and screwed up.
    • big cut in shin. stitches applied.
    • scar

Believe it or not, I still left a couple off, because I can’t really remember them all. I busted up my knee a couple of times more when little and also cut my calf once more while mountain biking, but I forgot the details. Then there’s also the stuff I completely forgot about, or the stuff that was less severe.


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  • 1. taylor  |  September 15, 2007 at 4:59 am

    damn, and i thought i’ve had a lot of injuries!
    i busted my achilles too, that definitely trumped all my other injuries.


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