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January 5, 2008 at 6:10 pm 1 comment

Hi all, first of all, my best wishes for 2008 to you my dear readers.


Now that we have got that out of the way, here’s the main subject of this post : instant noodles . The easy to cook coach potato version of ramen.
I for one am a big instant ramen enthousiast, but the problem is that in the regular supermarket, there isn’t much choice. You basically have fish, shrimp and chicken flavor, and all of them rather present a rather harsh taste experience. And then I’m not even talking about Aiki noodles. Don’t get me started on them. They almost ruined instant noodles for me completely. Aiki noodles are only edible the first time you prepare them. After that your body has realised that the flavors they use are pretty much crap. But hey, I wasn’t going to talk about Aiki noodles.

What I am going to bother you with is the fact that for those living in the region of Leuven, you now have the opportunity to experience a smorgasbord of instant ramen flavors. How to take advantage of this opportunity? Well you basically go to the following address : Naamsestraat 28. At that address you will find this shop ( apologies for the extremely poor picture quality, I just ripped it as a real small png off the net )

Hung Feng

Within this rather soberly decorated mini supermarket(*), you will find a couple of racks stacked with all the instant noodles you like.
And the kicker is : they are very cheap. Average price for a packet of instant noodles is about 55 cent.

Today I went there and bought 5,15 euro’s worth of instant ramen. I just grabbed whatever was in front of me, although I restricted myself mostly to the classic Nissin brand with some exotic brands thrown in for the more adventurous evenings.

This is what I got :


Now this may seem like a huge improvement over your local Delhaize as far as flavors are concerned, but let me tell you that this is not even one twentieth of the selection Heng Fung offers.

My better half and myself already ate two packets just now – they were of the soup variety – and they tasted great. Just as the three doses we consumed a couple of days ago but of which I unfortunately have no pictures to show you.
OK, that’s it. Off you go my little grasshoppers. Because the only way to become a better Bruce Lee, is to eat lots of instant noodles. Banzaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii !!!!!!

(*) “Mini supermarket”? Isn’t that a rather odd concept? However just “market” wouldn’t really transfer the meaning correctly. And “supermarket” by itself would also be bordering on overstatement.


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