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June 18, 2008 at 10:04 pm Leave a comment

Bicycles are pretty important in my life. I ride one to work every day. Sometimes I ride my mountain-bike in the woods, or even in the mountains when money is less of an issue. And very occasionally, when I feel I have something unprovable to prove, and too much time to spare, I take out the BMX and try to hurt myself.

So, I know something about maintaining a bicycle – though mostly just enough to get myself into trouble – and while I don’t expect everyone else to know as much, there is one thing that absolutely everybody should know about bike maintenance and that is : you must lube your chain, preferable weekly, but at the utmost ultimate minimalistically very least, monthly.

There is lots of stuff you can use to lubricate your chain.

This :


Or this :


Or even this :


( But not this :

Not lube for chains at all


And you can do it in several ways.

Like this :


Or like this :


Or even like this, and you don’t have to use the extension thingy :


And don’t bother with complicated stuff like wiping off the excess lube, like this :

Not Necessary

By lubing your chain you will :

  • Be able to use your chain longer
  • Ride more smoothly and efficiently
  • Not annoy me with a squeaking chain

To show how your efficiency improves with increased lubrication look at this graph :

Lubrications / Year vs Energy Saved

Yeah I know, you don’t have to tell me, this is indeed great stuff !


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