There are very few rules in programming that are always right. Ever rule ends up losing a fight when it ends up in the wrong corner.

There is however one rule that seems to be always correct, in whatever code base it wanders into, and that rule is : less.

Because you see, less code is less prone to have bugs, because there is less of it.
Concise is also less than verbose, which means that if you go less you have a good chance of making yourself understood.
Less also tends to be faster because there is less to transfer and execute.
You are forced into writing better abstractions by writing less code, because you have less real estate to express semantics.
Redundancy is reduced by orders of magnitude when you try to have less code because redundancy is trivial to remove.
Less is easier to refactor, because you have to refactor less.

You could try to argue that less is just the result of striving for orthogonality, speed, clear code and zero bugs, and that I have it backwards. But you would argue wrong.


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I like, eees nice

Sometimes I like to prepare food. I would use the word ‘cook’ but that could remind you of a real cook. Someone like him

or her

( i also like, eees also nice )

So let’s just call me a food-preparer. Basically, I like to keep it very basic, putting my faith more in my ingredients than in my own food-preparing skillzzzz.
However, how-very-much-ever, I do need to use the same utensils that actual cooks use. And my main utensil is the venerable wok.

Since I don’t have one of these bad mofo’s :

I don’t use one of these babies :

But I did use one of these beauties :

A cast-iron Le Creuset wok. Its ability to store a lot of heat, made it possible to do some reasonable wokking on a vitroceramic cooking plate.
Cleaning it afterwards is something else. The best way to do it was to fill it partly with water and some washing powder and letting it soak for a night.
And even then, you’d need to scrub and scratch until completely ready for the next session. Yes, I do know that you have to season it, by letting some arachide oil cook in it for a while.
This is something you have to repeat when the wok becomes sticky again, but mine turned sticky right away. The seasoning itself is not a pleasant task either. Would like you to keep yourself busy watching hot oil boil in a pot? Not to mention the fact that the whole house smells like a fastfood joint afterwards.
So I decided that seasoning was not for me, and continued using the sticky wok while thouroughly cleaning it afterwards.

That is why I am so happy that I have recently acquired this fly boy :

It has a non-stick Thermolon layer which can withstand temperatures of 400+ degrees celsius and is completely non-toxic. It’s also much smoother than Teflon.
If you dig in, and read the interweb reviews for Thermolon pans you will find two camps : very happy or very sad customers.
Some claim that the non-stick properties soon fade, and that the layer starts to crack.
Since I have only used it once – which great results –  I can’t really comment on the long term quality. What I did find out however, is that you need to let it heat up sufficiently because some foods can stick to it at lower temperatures.
I had absolutely nothing stick to it, and cleaning it consisted of a rinse with some soapy water and a soft sponge.

So this wok is another great addition to my food preparing arsenal. I will keep you guys posted on the long term effects of food preparing on this wok.

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And now…

…for something completely different

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Nice Try G-men

OK, so Microsoft tries to launch something revolutionary – with Bing Visual Search, which is  a nice idea but won’t alter the search landscape much -, and immediately Google tries to one-up the Redmond boys by making something out of their Beta stable accessible to the public.
The thing we are talking about is Google Fast Flip.

Now don’t get me wrong, I welcome new superfluous extravaganza on the web as much as the next guy, but why in heaven’s name would I want to use Fast Flip, when I already have a boatload of newsfeeds in Google Reader.
How is this Fast Flip any different from manually polling websites to see whether there is something new? I tried that once, it almost killed this whole internet thing completely for me. Well, sort of.

It looks nice, and is pretty fast, but either I seem to completely miss the point, or Google has finally made something which is utterly useless.

How many times do we have to repeat this – actually I have never ever said this, some other guy did, but not me – : the web is not printing on a screen.
If Fast Flip is a good idea, why not print hyperlinks in a newspaper and expect people to type them in their browser’s address window? Because a printed medium is not the web on paper.

This post could very well lead to a meganormous rant about the fact that people should use RSS – and by default Google Reader – to stay up-to-date, not visit websites time and time again
But it won’t. I’m saving that for another day. Although really, you should. Use RSS that is. And Google Reader. But not Fast Flip. Never that.

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The Return of the Comeback II

Should you be wanting to comment on that special YouTube vid, but lack the time to think of something to say, here’s the all new Best of YouTube Collected Comment Snippets for you.

  • gay
  • rofl
  • you’re so stupid
  • nOOb
  • f*ck *ff you liberal commie
  • my brother can do this too, but way better
  • my mum can do this too, but way better
  • your mum is gay
  • if you’re so good let’s see your vid
  • gay
  • lolZ
  • ghetto power – check me at http://www.ghettopowerrulezforever.net
  • lol, U r NOT from the ghetto, you’re from the gay-to
  • i saw him live in 1997
  • me in ’95
  • ’95? back he when he was gay? like you?
  • stop hatin gays
  • stop gaying hate
  • pepsi is so waaaay better than coke
  • coke is the shitz, pepsi is da ballz suxor
  • dude where’s my car
  • you’re car is gay dude
  • first
  • you should get off the crack pipe
  • you should get off the crack ho
  • at least i’m not gay…
  • “this fire is out of control, we need more water, sand, …anything” thats da best line ever
  • “this fire is out of control, we need more water, sand, …anything” lolz
  • “diz fire is out of control, wee need mor water, sand, …anyting” lolw
  • “this fire is out of control, we need more water, sand, …anything”
  • “this fire is out of control, we need more water, sand, …anything”
  • rofl 1:12 –> “this fire is out of control, we need more …”
  • that wuz the gayest movie evr…sooooo gay
  • second
  • gay

( any similarity between these and actual YouTube comments is completely and utterly semi-coincidental  )

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Compile-Time Log2

While I was looking for a compile-time Log2 calculation for integer numbers, I couldn’t find anything simple and concise enough.

So I wrote something myself, putting all my trust in the good old compiler. This is what I came up with. It’s so simple that I cannot believe nobody came up with this before, but anyways, here it is :

//Description: a compile time truncated log2 for integer values
template< size_t ac_Val > struct CLog2
static const size_t result = CLog2< ac_Val / 2 >::result + 1 ;

template<> struct CLog2< 1 > { static const size_t result = 0 ; } ;

template<> struct CLog2< 0 > { } ; // undefined

Of course, the truncated Log2 is also the index of the highest set bit in an integer number.

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Extremely concise guide to hotel guides

If there are no pictures of the exterior then it probably looks like one of these :

Crappy Exterior 1

Crappy Exterior 1

Crappy Exterior 3

If there are no pictures of the rooms then then they probably look like one of these :

Crappy Room 1

Crappy Room 2

Crappy Room 3

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